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The Penray Companies, Inc. is giving away the Misco Palm Abbe PA-203 for the 2013 Great Prize Giveaway. The Palm Abbe digital refractometer is a precise, quick and convenient tool designed with simplicity of use in mind. It will accurately test the freeze point of coolant no matter the color or condition of the antifreeze, and it will also test the concentration of DEF fluid. Simply place a drop or two of fluid in the stainless steel well and press a button for easy use.

The custom microprocessor displays an almost instantaneous readout in degrees Brix. Nonlinear temperature compensation is automatic and insures that fluids are measured accurately. The Palm Abbe is easily readable with a large LCD display, even in low light. With fast, automatic calibration it does not require the use of special calibration solutions, or tools.

Total prize value $595

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