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Streamlight is giving a full flashlight package, including seven different flashlights. The full prize package includes:

Strion LED

The ultra-compact Strion LED now features 260 lumens, 10,000 candela, and two hours of run on high for the broadest range of lighting needs.  The push-button tactical tail switch controls three intensity modes plus a strobe function.  The combination of its rechargeable battery and C4 LED technology results in one of the lowest operating costs of any flashlight made.

Stinger LED

Designed for a broad range of lighting needs, the enhanced Stinger LED features an optimum balance of lumens, candela and run-time.  Offering three intensity modes plus strobe, the light now delivers 350 lumens, 24,000 candela, and two hours of run-time on the high setting. The combination of its rechargeable battery and C4 LED technology also provide for operating cost efficiency. 

Stinger LED HL

The Stinger LED HL uses state-of-the-art C4 LED technology for extreme brightness in darkened conditions, delivering a blinding 640 lumens and 22,000 candela on the high setting.  The light also features three variable intensity modes, a run-time of up to one hour and 25 minutes and a beam distance of 297 meters. 

ProTac HL

The ProTac HL is Streamlight's first hand-held, high lumen tactical light.  Designed to flood an area with light, this lithium battery-powered light delivers 600 lumens and 16,000 candela with 253 meters of beam distance.  Providing a run-time of one hour and 15 minutes, and weighing only 5.6 oz, the light also features a TEN-TAP programmable switch that allows users to select from among three different operating programs.

Stylus Pro Reach

The sleek Stylus Pro Reach is a compact, pen-sized flashlight featuring a flexible cable extension that allows for 14" of "reach," which can be easily positioned to illuminate concealed areas that other flashlights can't reach.  It uses a C4 LED to deliver intense brightness - 825 candela and 38 lumens.  It also provides a tail cap switch with momentary or constant on operation, a pocket clip, and a long run-time of 8 continuous hours.

Stylus Pro

The pen-sized Stylus Pro offers users a durable pocket light, featuring optimum beam output and a tail cap switch for one-handed operation.  Designed for a wide variety of tasks, it delivers amazing brightness and a long run-time for its compact size, providing 48 lumens and six hours and 15 minutes of run-time.  Featuring a white C4 LED, it uses two AAA alkaline batteries. 

Stinger Lite Pipe

The rechargeable Stinger Lite Pipe system is a dual-purpose work light designed to illuminate tight spaces or large areas as a drop light.  The new light consists of a 9"-long light cone attached to the body of a Xenon Stinger flashlight, and a removable, rotatable hang hook.  Powered by eight C4 LEDs, the Stinger Lite Pipe delivers 220 lumens of light in a broad, uniform flood pattern, and provides a run-time of three hours and 15 minutes. 


Total prize value: $1,390

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