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Mayhew Tools offers their prize package with four different tools. The full package includes:

150 Line-14-piece Punch and Chisel Set, No. 15070 (MSRP $228.87)

Constructed of high-grade S-2 tool steel, along with a full heat-treated shank, makes this kit top of the line. Comprised of our most popular punches and chisels with varying sizes to cover all applications. Designed with a parabolic head to reduce mushrooming and a black oxide finish for enhanced corrosion resistance. This set comes with a full, unconditional lifetime warranty.

RigiFlex Hose Clamp Pliers, No. 28630 (MSRP $163.70)

Used to loosen and remove a wide variety of automotive hose clamps, Mayhew’s RigiFlex Hose Clamp Pliers offer a flexible cable that stays in position, enabling you to reach into tight places with minimal effort. The multi-stop ratcheting mechanism provides for greater control reducing cable problems. New soft grips make for great ease of use.

SPEEDY Universal Inner Tie Rod Tool, No. 29910 (MSRP $205.79)

This universal tool designed to remove and mount inner tie rods on vehicles. The patented roller and cam mechanism adapts itself automatically to the shape and diameter of the inner tie rod. This tool grips securely on round, hexagonal and octagonal tie rods and accommodates most every length and diameter tie rod. Extended working diameter range includes: 35mm to 45mm and 1-3/8” to 1-3/4”. S marrow profile allows easy use in confined spaces and a long shaft tube helps keep wrenches from damaging auto body.

3-piece Dominator Curved Screwdriver Set, No. 61355 (MSRP $88.10)

The Mayhew Tools 3-pc Dominator Heavy Duty Pry Bar Set that features three popular curved and straight pry bars including:

  • 18-S Straight Pry Bar, 25" OAL and 1/2" Square Steel.
  • 24-C Curved Pry Bar , 31" OAL and 1/2" Square Steel.
  • 36-C Curved Pry Bar , 36" OAL and 5/8" Square Steel. 

Capped end handle allows the user to strike the handle, the steel is hardened and tempered the entire length for maximum durability and the shaft of the pry bar goes through handle for prying power. Patented composite, ergonomically designed handle provides comfortable and offer a secure grip.

Total prize value: $687

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