Schumacher Electric: Jump Starter, Power Inverter and Charger/MaintainerCheck back to see the winners

Schumacher Electric offer their prize package featuring the XP2260 6-in-1 jump starter, the XI14 140-watt power inverter and the SP3 fully-automatic charger/maintainer.

The XP2260 6-In-1 Jump Starter features include a built-in high-pressure air compresor, USB port, Built-in 400 -watt Power Inverter for 120V AC household power and a built-in inflator/deflator.

The XI14 140-watt Power Inverter comes with a 120V AC household outlet and USB port.

The SP3 3 Amp Fully Automatic Microprocessor Controlled Charger/Maintainer provides a scrolling digital display messaging. 

Total prize value: $500

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