JDP Industries

JDP Industries


JDP Industries LLC is a supplier of premium quality, high-temp. lubricant and anti-seize compound, which is great for any mechanic, from at home to in the shop, and any maintenance department in all fields. JDP offers superior performance on any nut, bolt, slide, pin, bushing or sleeve. JDP is dedicated to bringing customers the best possible product at a competitive price. Then next time you need the anti-seize, do it with complete confidence--grab the JDP.

  • 4823 N. 49th St.
  • Milwaukee, WI 53218
  • United States
  • Phone: 414-535-8105
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Ultra Copper High Temp Lubricant and Anti-Seize Compound, No. UHT-1

Product From JDP Industries

The JDP Ultra Copper High Temp Lubricant and Anti-Seize Compound, No. UHT-1, is the automotive tooling standard compound used on die set bolts that produce aluminum die casts for big truck and automotive parts. The tools are injected with molten aluminum to produce parts and they run extremely hot. This compound is useful for dis-assembly and was formulated for professionals in any mechanical field-of-work. The compound spreads out in a smooth and creamy texture, filling in the complete work surface. 

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