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Founded in 1944 by Ernst Horn, the HORN GmbH & Co. KG along with its brand TECALEMIT, has well become a leader in the European sector, quickly mastering the area of dispensing technologies. In 2000 HORN took over the company DEUTSCHE TECALEMIT GmbH, successfully integrating product portfolios. However, looking further back into our history, our beginnings go back to 1910 where METALL-WERKE WINDELSBLEICHE was established, followed by the creation of Deutsche TECALEMIT GmbH in 1932. This rich heritage follows many successful milestones from 1950 when the first piston pump was released, to 2010 when the first level control system was approved as an over-flow protection device. In 2012, the HORNGROUP was established followed by the merger between TECALEMIT INC and Lubrication Solutions Inc.


How do we define “brand” here at TECALEMIT INC.? The Internationally recognized brand HORN TECALEMIT embraces performance, competency, quality, and people. Consequently, our brand is richly rooted throughout our products and rich heritage. The TECALEMIT brand truly comes full circle by including our customer’s experience, expectations, and delivery. Where often the quality of a service emerges only after the initial purchase; here you will find us available before and after each and every purchase. In essence, it is our promise to you. This is how we define our brand and it is at the core of what we do, what we stand for, and what we believe in. This is our brand, these are our priciples. Welcome to TECALEMIT INC.


Our dedication to our customers mean that we are not just a manufacturer of great products; but our customer-centric approach has continuously set us apart. Our promise to you as a partner, is to provide you with our full pre-purchase and postpurchase support and service to help you identify the best revenue generators for your business. Our approach and pioneering design is what has established us internationally as the brand to partner with. Now, we bring these same principles to the North American market taking pride in our customers as well as our products. Welcome to the new experience, welcome to TECALEMIT INC.

  • 2006 Rotary Drive
  • Humble, TX 77338
  • United States
  • Phone: 281-446-7300
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  • Website: http://tecalemit-usa.com

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PCL Nexus Nitrogen Units

Product From Tecalemit USA

The Tecalemit PCL Nexus Nitrogen Units combine the essence of design, manufacturing and marketing in modern, innovative equipment. The Nexus range is designed to cover every application of digital nitrogen inflation from small passenger car to large, commercial off-road vehicle tires used in very demanding environments.

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Super Box fluid management system

Product From Tecalemit USA

The Tecalemit Super Box fluid management system is designed to control up to five delivery hoses. The Super Box can handle four different fluids simultaneously, all from one centralized point. Prevent inventory losses and capture every transaction by identifying users via user ID, vehicle ID, odometer and time intervals. Data downloads are performed via USB interface, and it is able to export data to Microsoft Excel or Microsoft Word. The Super Box is compact and user-friendly with a storage capacity up to 10,000 transactions accommodating 2,000 users. The Super Box can handle any fluid with an appropriate pulse meter, and is printer receipt capable with tank-level ability. 

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