Ferus Natural Gas Fuels

Ferus Natural Gas Fuels

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Ferus Natural Gas Fuels (formerly Ferus LNG) is privately-held by The Energy & Minerals Group. Ferus Natural Gas Fuels provides end-to-end LNG and compressed natural gas ("CNG") fueling services including production, transportation, storage and delivery to our customers in all end-use industries. Ferus Natural Gas Fuels supplied the first LNG fueled well fracturing job in North America, and, with its partner, is constructing a LNG production facility in Canada expected to be operational in 1Q 2014 to supply LNG to various proximal end-use markets. Ferus Natural Gas Fuels is also an equal partner in Eagle LNG Partners, a consortium dedicated to building out LNG infrastructure across the United States. For more information, visit http://www.ferus.com. 

  • 475 17th St.
  • Suite 420
  • Denver, CO 80202
  • United States
  • Phone: 303-260-7303
  • Toll Free: 888-493-3787
  • Fax:
  • Website: http://www.ferus.com

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