StingRay Parts Washer

StingRay Parts Washer

Company Details:
2450 Adie Road
St. Louis, MO 63043

Phone: 314-447-9000
Fax: 314-447-0909

StingRay Manufacturing provides cleaning solutions to transportation, mining, agriculture, oil, earth moving, and trucking industries. StingRay Manufacturing manufactures a full line of cabinet style parts washer cleaning equipment, including diesel engine washers, electric motor parts washers, biodegradable detergents as well as parts washer replacement parts and accessories. StingRay Manufacturing equipment is available exclusively through our network of authorized dealers located throughout North America.

StingRay Manufacturing designs and manufactures energy-efficient heavy-duty parts washers for engine rebuilders, electric motor rebuilding, off road vehicle maintenance and railroad maintenance operations. StingRay Manufacturing has global sales offices, manufacturing and R&D operations in St. Louis, MO.