Proto Industrial Tools

Proto Industrial Tools

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Proto Industrial Tools has been making durable, high-quality hand tools for more than 100 years, having grown from a small machine shop to a worldwide supplier. Our tools are developed according to strict ergonomic standards, with features that lets users work faster and easier, including enhanced shock absorption and reduced slip. We are exhaustive in our efforts to make the world’s safest tools and provide tool safety education. Markets including auto, steel, and airplane manufacturing plants, chemical plants, refineries, general manufacturing, transportation, and fleet maintenance for trucking, transit, and aircraft. For more information call 800-800-TOOL, or visit

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Titanium Series Pistol Air Impact Wrenches

Product From Proto Industrial Tools

Proto Industrial Tools' Titanium Series Pistol Air Impact Wrenches come in 3/8" drive (No. J138WP), 1/2" drive compact (No. J150WP-C), 1/2" drive industrial impact (No. J150WP) and the 3/4" drive heavy-duty impact (No. J175WP). The motor design of these impacts reduces the number of parts needed, and ultimately lowers the weight of the tool. They come constructed with a titanium front housing for reduced weight and maximum durability. The impact wrenches also feature an air inlet 360-degree rotation for easy compressor hook-up and a titanium exhaust deflector for increased durability and muffler for reduced noise.

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