Huttner Enterprises LLC

Huttner Enterprises LLC

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Huttner Enterprises is a leading automotive technology company. This is key, as your vehicles technology is constantly changing. In our 25 years of business we have always believed that attention to detail is the most important service we can provide. Here at Huttner Enterprises, we take special pride in getting your automotive needs taken care of the first time around! We attribute our success to our repeat clients and their personal referrals. We pride ourselves on being a full service automotive repair facility.

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Ring Pull

Product From Huttner Enterprises LLC

Huttner Enterprises' patent-pending Ring Pull incorporates a digital load cell attached to an adjustable fixture designed to isolate and pull the ring through the cylinder prior to the piston-ring assembly, allowing a precise measurement of ring drag against the machined cylinder surface. The Ring Pull provides the accurate ring friction data serious engine builders need to determine proper cylinder ring selection and optimize engine performance. 

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