Cojali USA Inc.

Cojali USA Inc.


Cojali USA Inc. is a company dedicated to creating and enforcing innovative and technologically advanced solutions for heavy duty commercial vehicles. We offer the most complete coverage for the commercial vehicles sector. We cover:

  • System Manufacturers
  • Truck
  • Trailer
  • Bus
  • Pickup
  • Agricultural Vehicles
  • Special Vehicles
  • 7855 N.W. 29th St, Suite 190
  • Doral, FL 33122
  • United States
  • Phone: 305-960-7651
  • Toll Free:
  • Fax: 305-718-3326
  • Website:

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Jaltest Multibrand and Multisystem Diagnostics Tool

Product From Cojali USA Inc.

The Cojali USA, Inc. Jaltest Multibrand and Multisystem Diagnostics Tool features bi-directional control, so the user will have access to more than just reading codes, such as cylinder cutouts, cylinder balance, compression tests and solenoid valve actuations. The Jaltest Info feature provides the most complete technical information database available on the market today, according to the company. The feature helps techs locate a component through wiring diagrams, as well as to troubleshooting the problem through available systematic guides. Jaltest offers a fixed software update forecast. With each software license, the user gets high-end diagnostic solutions in three updates per year: access to new software updates, available system technical information, new functions and additional coverage. Cojali supports this diagnostic tool with a product support team, in-depth training programs and customer service to help businesses grow in their markets.

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