The Clip-N-Clamp was created by a team of designers and product developers out of necessity. It all started with the
BabyGiraffe, a convenient baby bottle holder that came in handy when no other product available on the market at that
time could do a decent job. One day while driving to a meeting, the developers of BabyGiraffe realized how often people
were holding cell phones in their hands while driving, either to talk or to follow a GPS. This helped them figure out that the
flexible arm and powerful clamp used for BabyGiraffe would work perfectly to hold cell phones hands-free while driving.
And thus, the Clip-N-Clamp was born.

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Product From Clip-N-Clamp

The Clip-N-Clamp helps secure smart phones, GPS and other equipment in a specific position to help the user work more hands free. The tool features a "Flexarm," a 12" ball-and-socket arm that can literally bend 360 degrees in every direction and stay in almost any position. Designed to stay strong and not weaken over time, the clamp that's attached to the arm has 30 lbs of holding power. Comes with one Disk Clip, one Phone Clip that will secure to most smartphones using tension, and one Camera Clip. These different clips can hold everything from a meter to a flashlight.

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