Heavy Duty Bus Parts, Inc.

Company Details:
17850 Interstate 45N
Willis, TX 77318

Toll Free: 800-505-2300
Fax: 936-344-9963

For over 40 years the Billingsley family has made it a common goal to increase their knowledge of the industry, while expanding the product line to meet the current needs and demands of those working to provide safe pupil transportation. 

Started in 1968 as a school bus parts manufacturer, Billingsley Parts quickly became a well-known, respected name in the industry. With ongoing research of products and the market, the family expanded the business by opening the doors of Heavy Duty Bus Parts, Inc. (HDBP) in 1996. 

HDBP is the leader in providing supplier direct prices for OEM and Aftermarket Parts. We offer same-day shipping and outstanding customer service, as well as online ordering at DirectBus.com. This site was launched in 2001 as the online division of HDBP. Visit the site for all of your ordering needs, inspection checklist, instructional videos and more. Don't forget to check back daily for the Direct Deal – an item that is drastically marked down just for that day.

HDBP is a proud member of NASDPTS, NAPT, ASBC, and many of the 50 state affiliate and regional transportation organizations. We appreciate the customer and the many people working diligently for the safety of our children. 

UltraLED's serviceable LED lights

UltraLED's serviceable LED "lights"

From Heavy Duty Bus Parts, Inc.