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Founded in 1966, Pneumatech is a world leader in compressed air system engineering, offering a large range of air drying equipment while providing unparalleled custom-design capabilities and first-class customer service around the world. Pneumatech specializes in refrigerated dryers, regenerative dryers, landfill and biogas dryers, drains, after-coolers, filters, water chillers, nitrogen generators and closed loop coolers. To learn more about Pneumatech and our products, or to speak to the distributor nearest you, please visit

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Tire Inflation Series nitrogen generators

Product From Pneumatech

Pneumatech's Tire Inflation Series nitrogen generators feature high-efficiency membrane technology that produces high-purity nitrogen gas for automotive and commercial fleet service. Four-stage filtration removes oxygen, water vapor and other contaminants from compressed air to create a clean, dry nitrogen supply with 95-plus percent purity. The series includes five models, with flow rates ranging from 168 scfh to 1,120 scfh to accommodate a wide range of tire inflation needs. Each model features dual pressure gauges for real-time status, an easy-access cabinet and no moving parts. All integrate into an existing compressed air system and can also be mounted to an optional receiver tank.

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