Motiv Power Systems

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Foster City, CA

Founded in 2009, Motiv Power Systems designs and builds a flexible electric Powertrain Control System (ePCS) for the commercial truck and bus industries. Motiv's ePCS works with a wide variety of batteries and motors. This flexibility allows traditional truck chassis OEMs to assemble electric trucks on their current diesel truck assembly lines. Electric trucks equipped with Motiv's ePCS can offer over 100 miles range and a total cost of ownership 50% less than a diesel truck over an 8 year period. Motiv’s ePCS is available for commercial trucks, shuttle buses and delivery vehicles. Motiv is located in Foster City, CA.

Motiv Power Systems announces partners in building of electric garbage trucks

March 5, 2013
From Motiv Power Systems

Chicago awards $13.4 million electric garbage truck contract to Motiv

December 5, 2012
From Motiv Power Systems