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XL Crude

XL Crude

Rev up your under car service with our durable 30 gallon transparent waste oil cart. Perfect for transmission services,oil changes,hydraulic fluids and antifreeze. An onboard air pump evacuates the tank in 7 minutes,a one touch locking system holds the tube firmly in place up to 72 inches.

Eliminate those splashes and oil spills.the funnel is 28" x 8" and is equipped with a mesh screen. The cart has excellent mobility and is of good construction. Designed for mechanics by mechanics.

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XL Crude's Kazzkade can be used for the disposal of waste fluids created from oil changes, transmission and coolant flushes, the replacement of hydraulic fluids and more. This 30 gallon transparent waste oil cart has an onboard air pump that evacuates the tank in seven minutes and a one touch locking system that holds the tube firmly in place up to 72 inches. Comes with a 28" x 8" funnel with a mesh screen to prevent splashes and oil spills. Mobile for easy everyday use.

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