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Trusty-Cook has been a leader in the polyurethane product industry for over thirty years.
Trusty-Cook, Inc. has combined urethane manufacturing technology with years of leadership in the industry to offer our consumers a full line of urethane tools and industrial products. Initially, Trusty-Cook, Inc., under the COMP-CAST, Inc. name, invented and developed the original line of urethane Deadblow Hammers. After selling COMPO-CAST, Inc. to Stanley Tools in 1980, Trusty-Cook, Inc. reengineered the original product and reentered the dead blow hammer market in 1990. Since then, in addition to offering our Trusty-Cook brand hammer line, we have also developed private branding relationships with companies such as Estwing Tools, Armstrong Tools, Matco Tools, Snap-On Tools and SK Tools.

Over the years, Trusty-Cook, Inc. has expanded its urethane product lines into several other industries. Trusty-Cook fabricates Spindle Liners for CNC Lathes, Hush Tubes for the Screw Machine Industry and Wear Shoes for Waste Water Treatment facilities. Trusty-Cook also has the capability and experience providing engineered solutions in the custom urethane design market, developing specialty urethane products for a wide variety of applications.

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Hot cast dead blow hammers

Product From Trusty-Cook

Trusty's urethane hot cast dead blow hammers includes multiple sizes and weights of soft face hammers, bossing mallets, sledgehammers, slim line and ball pein hammers. The hammer's hot cast makes it four times more cut resistant than injection molded and nylon materials, according to the manufacturer. The hammer features a welded together steel canister and rod for greater strength and safety and the shot filled canister provides dead blow action for sustained impact, maximum power and striking force. 

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