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10530 E. 59th Street
Indianapolis, IN 46236

Phone: 317 823-6821

Trusty-Cook has been a leader in the polyurethane product industry for over thirty years.
Trusty-Cook, Inc. has combined urethane manufacturing technology with years of leadership in the industry to offer our consumers a full line of urethane tools and industrial products. Initially, Trusty-Cook, Inc., under the COMP-CAST, Inc. name, invented and developed the original line of urethane Deadblow Hammers. After selling COMPO-CAST, Inc. to Stanley Tools in 1980, Trusty-Cook, Inc. reengineered the original product and reentered the dead blow hammer market in 1990. Since then, in addition to offering our Trusty-Cook brand hammer line, we have also developed private branding relationships with companies such as Estwing Tools, Armstrong Tools, Matco Tools, Snap-On Tools and SK Tools.

Over the years, Trusty-Cook, Inc. has expanded its urethane product lines into several other industries. Trusty-Cook fabricates Spindle Liners for CNC Lathes, Hush Tubes for the Screw Machine Industry and Wear Shoes for Waste Water Treatment facilities. Trusty-Cook also has the capability and experience providing engineered solutions in the custom urethane design market, developing specialty urethane products for a wide variety of applications.

Hot cast dead blow hammers

Hot cast dead blow hammers

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