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Vocational Energy is dedicated to providing its customers solutions and answers to all the questions surrounding a decision to switch to CNG. Our goal is to help each customer create a plan that works specifically for their place in the market and to do it in the most economically way possible. Vocational Energy can offer you guidance in vehicle specification, station planning, construction and maintenance. It will be our pleasure to serve you.

The Vocational Energy team consists of refuse industry professionals with over 50 years of industry experience. The team has been involved with CNG and LNG refuse truck implementations since 1995. In addition, the team has experience planing and constructing over 50 CNG stations since 2002. Vocational Energy can train your team of professional maintenance personnel to maintain your station or will offer you a full maintenance service contract for the service life of your station. Municipal mandates for clean air and dependency on foreign oil have often been key reasons for people to change to CNG from diesel or gasoline powered vehicles. Government grants and tax incentives have made it possible for many people, primarily in California, Texas and New York to switch a small amount of their fleets from diesel and gasoline to CNG or LNG with little or no incremental cost in equipment. Government assistance is always welcome; however, a free handout should not be the only reason your company will convert to CNG as a fuel supply. Vocational Energy can show you how switching your fuel supply can be the most strategic and economically driven decision you can make in your business today.


Vocational Energy was founded with the belief that the decision to switch to CNG should be made because it is the most economical means today to operate equipment. Traditionally public CNG stations and CNG fuel providers charge prices to customers that offer little savings or incentive to switch to CNG from diesel. Vocational Energy offers its customers the ability to own and operate their CNG stations so that they can capture the tremendous saving opportunities available to them. Ownership typically allows customers to get return on investments in as little as 2 years which makes switching to CNG an obvious choice.


    • Time fill CNG stations
    • Fast fill CNG stations
    • LNG stations
    • Used Truck trade in and purchases
    • Rental Truck supplier
    • CNG & LNG tank supplier
    • Grant Writing Consulting


  • CNG and LNG station maintenance contracts
  • Station design
  • Engineering
  • Turn key station construction

Vocational Energy celebrates with Veolia on launch of first CNG station in Wisconsin

July 25, 2012
From Vocational Energy