Wonder Works Products

Wonder Works Products

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Wonder Works Products, based in Cleveland, Ohio, develops and markets leading industrial strength cleaning and protective chemicals for the home, garage and worksite. In 2010, Wonder Works launched fast-cleaning, citrus-based Tub O’Towels– big, tough, solution soaked towels to clean up any mess. Wonder Works plans to release additional cleaning products this year.

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Tub O'Towels Cleaning Towels

Product From Wonder Works Products

Wonder Works Products has introduced Tub O'Towels cleaning towels. The new towels offer twice the size of typical cleaning wipes and a thicker, more durable muscle-weave towel-like construction. Tub O'Towels are 100 percent solution soaked to quickly and easily clean up tough messes like caulk, ink, paint, tar, grease, permanent marker and more. The unique citrus formula contains nine specific cleaning ingredients plus lanolin, aloe vera and vitamin E, making the product easy on hands. 

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