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Go Clean Products was created to develop and distribute automotive cleaning products that work!. Our mission has been to weed out the duds and prevent you as a consumer from wasting your money. No one is paying us to sell the products on our web site. We have to buy these products in bulk and break it down so we can sell it to you our loyal customers.

Our first product which we developed is GET OFF CLEAN HPR(highway paint remover). Although this is a niche product we have sold over 4000 bottles all across the US and Canada. Our returns are virtually zero as the product works as long as you use it as directed and the paint on the car is not epoxy. Get Off Clean will not remove Epoxy paint. We saw a need for a low cost product that would remove dried highway paint without any toxic chemicals. Our commitment to the project was to make it is easy to use, works great and leaves the customer feeling like they saved money by taking care of their car themselves. It really saves time because if you have to go to the body shop to have it removed, then you will have to do without your car for a day, file a claim and wait for the payment. For 30 bucks and an hour of your time you can do it yourself. If you go the insurance-body shop route you will have at least 2 days of wasted time invested, I don’t know about you but I have better things to do.

Besides you get to clean your car and it also takes off any other residue or stains that you might have on the paint, plastic and rubber parts. GET OFF CLEAN HPR was tested on new cars with clear coat finishes, straight paint without clear coat and even on the Department of Transportation (DOT) Highway trucks that spray the lines which had over spray on them. We also tested it on tires, rubber trim, plastic trim and windows, virtually anything on a cars exterior and HPR did not cause any change to the original surface. We do caution leaving it on taillights as we have experienced some fogging of the lens on some vehicle brands. If this does happen you can rub it out with rubbing compound.

The DOT test was a fun project and it was really cool to see the faces light up as the product removed old dried built up highway paint off the equipment that sprays it. Actually I was surprised it took off some of the paint that was over a year old and very thick, much thicker than anything you would get on your car.

Spot Shot Professional stain remover was originally developed for carpet by the WD-40 company. Our customer Manheim Auto Auctions needed a product that would remove stains in Micro Fiber seats. The problem was not getting the stain out it was the fact that all other cleaning processes removed the stain but it reappears after it dries or becomes damp again.

Spot Shot Pro when used as directed will remove the stain and it will not reappear. Give it a try on your car seats, carpet or even in the home.

The Speed Sponge is a great new product that has a ton of uses around the garage and home. It scours without scratching so you can use it on automotive textured plastics, windows and chrome to speed up the process of cleaning or removing highway paint, paint transfer, bugs, etc. We don’t recommend using it on your clear coat finish as you would then have to buff your car. It’s big enough to cut into 3 smaller sponges, so you can give your wife one too.

GoClean Products saves Freightliner MB $12,000

GoClean Products saves Freightliner MB $12,000

May 25, 2012
From GoClean Products, LLC