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LiQuifix was founded to commercialize a new lubrication formula designed to work with today’s modern materials: aluminum, stainless steel, plastics, rubber and synthetics like nylon. Existing lubricants, containing strong solvents, corroded or damaged these materials and, as aluminum replaced steel in many applications, these solvents corroded the aluminum.

The original application for LiQuifix’s new lubricant formula was on beverage trucks, where aluminum truck bodies replaced steel and side-loading trucks used nylon handles and rubber wheels mounted in aluminum tracks. The results were striking, with a dramatic reduction in warranty claims for corrosion damage, resulting in longer, uninterrupted operation.

LiQuifix began marketing to industrial and commercial accounts where this transition to lighter materials was taking place, and to government agencies concerned about the health effects of VOCs emitted into the air by solvent-based lubricants.

In 2008, LiQuifix multi-purpose lubricant was certified by an independent testing lab, Scientific Certification Systems, as meeting California’s stringent air quality standards for VOC emissions. In 2009, performance testing done by independent labs against a range of industrial lubricants showed LiQuifix outperformed all of them on a range of industry standard tests.

In 2010, LiQuifix received financing from a group of venture investors, including the State of Connecticut, enabling it to introduce its breakthrough multi-purpose lubricant to consumers.

LiQuifix Filtered Lubricants

LiQuifix Filtered Lubricants

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