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5340 North Federal Highway
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Lighthouse Point, FL 33064

Toll Free: 800-741-5454
Fax: 954-421-1707

Since 1989, Driver’s Alert has been an industry-leading pioneer in behavior-based support solutions for professionals charged with fleet safety management, loss control, compliance and related responsibilities. We began as one of the first companies to provide a decal-based “How’s My Driving” driver observation program. Over the years, we have continuously improved and expanded our solution to better meet client needs, culminating in Smart Risk — the industry’s most comprehensive fleet safety management system.

Smart Risk integrates real-time driver observation, comprehensive online safety training, and the industry’s best data management and risk identification tools. It’s so consistently effective that we back it with an extraordinary guarantee: if you don’t reduce at-fault crashes 25% or achieve a 300% return on your investment, your first year is free.*

The measurable results that allow us to make that guarantee also are what have won us more than 10,000+ customers over the years, including industry leaders such as DirectTV, Sears, Comcast, Aramark and Tyco International. However, the flexibility of our solution has made us a great ally for fleets of every size, both light and heavy vehicles, in literally every industry that uses a fleet of vehicles. We currently represent more than 300,000 vehicles on the road.

Our Web-based platform makes it easier than ever to add new features to our solution in response to client feedback, changing industry needs, and our own technological innovations. Bottom line? When it comes to identifying high-risk drivers and taking preventive measures to reduce accidents and related costs, there is no better partner than Driver’s Alert.


Driver's Alert launches GPS technology safety solution

February 14, 2012
From Driver's Alert