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Yost Vises has been around since 1908. With over 100 years of manufacturing experience, Yost continues to provide the highest quality vises for the most economical prices. As a family owned company, we take pride in every aspect of our business. This means that you will not only get the best products available, you will get the best service as well.

Our commitment to quality and service is demonstrated by the high ratings for our products on a variety of different online stores.

Yost is also committed to providing American made products to the American worker. Yost has the most extensive lineup of American Made vises available. Yost prides itself on being able to support the American worker with high quality American Made products.

Yost’s pricing is the most competitive on the market. With our long history of producing vises we have been able to minimize waste in the manufacturing process, helping to limit the material cost of the products. These savings are then passed on to you.

  • 388 West 24th St.
  • Holland, MI 49423
  • United States
  • Phone: 616-396-2063
  • Toll Free:
  • Fax: 616-396-8276
  • Website: http://www.yostvises.com

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Multi-jaw rotating and combination pipe and bench vise, No. 750

Product From Yost Vises
Yost's multi-jaw rotating and combination pipe and bench vise, No. 750, has three sets of replaceable, hardened steel jaws: parallel serrated jaws, pipe jaws and V-jaws for holding round and flat stock. This cast iron vise's head can rotate 360 degrees and lock every 30 degrees for a total of 12 locking positions. The vise body can rotate 360 degrees using interlocking V-grooved swivel base and two lockdowns to lock at any position. Swivel base has three 7/16" holes for securing vise base to a work bench (fasteners not included). Includes large built-in anvil and no-pinch main screw handle.
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Combination Pipe & Bench Mechanics Vise No. 650

Product From Yost Vises

The body of the Yost Combination Pipe & Bench Mechanics Vise, No. 650, is made out of 30,000-psi gray iron with an enclosed structural steel tube frame, providing the vise with both strength and longevity. Other features include a large anvil work surface; two lockdowns featuring an interlocking swivel base; an enclosed, lubricated main screw design; replaceable hardened steel machinist's (top) jaws and hardened steel pipe jaws designed to grip pipe securely and set back to allow for machinist's vise use; a no-pinch main screw handle; continuous rolled thread on the main screw; and reinforced bar support.

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865-DI 6-1/2" Multi-Purpose Combination Vise

Product From Yost Vises

Yost Vises offers the 865-DI 6-1/2" Multi-Purpose Combination Vise with a swivel base.. The 865-DI has the ability to open up to 11" when reversed. The replaceable hardened steel pipe jaws can grip a pipe up to 3.5" in diameter. The swivel base securely mounts to a workbench.  This vise features a continous rolled main screw thread and a balled screw handle supplied with safety rubber washers. The vise itself is made out of 65,000 PSI ductile iron, allowing for greater strength and longevity. 

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