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  • Zl la Plaine de Isles, 2 rue des Caillottes
  • Auxerre, F-89000
  • France
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CC20 Truck Transport and Stationary Pumps

Product From Mouvex-Blackmer

Developed as a vehicle-mounted solution for loading and unloading transports, Mouvex's CC20 eccentric disc truck transport pumps incorporate a unique design also enabling them to also be used as a ground-based pumping unit. Available in cast-iron, with optional bronze pistons and stainless steel shafts, these pumps have built-in relief valves to protect from overpressure situations. The CC20 is available with flow rates up to 158 gpm with maximum pump speeds up to 750 rpm. Optional features include drain plugs, direct drive through PTO drive shaft or hydraulic motor drive. 

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