Champ Seals LLC

Champ Seals LLC

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  • 3155 Franklinton Road
  • Dry Branch, GA 31020
  • Phone: 888-509-7325
  • Toll Free:
  • Fax: 478-787-6176
  • Website:

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e-Barrier Wheel Seal

Product From Champ Seals LLC

The Champ Seals e-Barrier Wheel Seal can be installed by hand, other manufacturer’s tools or any other tool that can fit the seal into the hub. A multi-zone labyrinth design in the e-Barrier seal provides the most effective protection against dirt, grit, water and ice. The combination of low profile sections,  right angle corners, low friction barrier, two rubber wipers and a specifically formulate water proof grease to both lubricate and keep water out, ensures that this seal will perform without any ‘run-in’ period.

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