EZ Claw Inc.

EZ Claw Inc.

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A leading cause of trucking accidents is caused by Tandem Slider Hose failure. The current "spring" method is hardly adequate. This old method allows for low hanging hoses and cables and subsequent road debris contact and tractor trailer failure. The new EZ Claw System gives the peace of mind so you, your cargo and tractor trailer will arrive safely.

  • 19707 Charles Towne Ln
  • Cornelius, NC 28031
  • Phone: 704-896-8867
  • Toll Free:
  • Fax: 704-896-8286
  • Website: http://www.ezclaw.com

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EZ Claw System

Product From EZ Claw Inc.

The EZ Claw System Hose and Cable Management System is a complete solution for tandem slider hoses and cables. Manufactured from stainless steel, aluminum, aircraft grade cable and top grade steel, the system firmly holds the hoses and cables close to the trailer floor, away from road hazards, and provides support and guidance without binding, kinking or stretching to improve tandem slider hose life and tractor trailer safety. The system's components are designed to witstand 400,000 linear directions and more than 100,000 operational hours, and exceed requirements by up to 500 percent.

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