Rock Line Products Inc. (Airtow Trailers)

Rock Line Products Inc. (Airtow Trailers)

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1480 Arrow Highway
La Verne, CA 91750

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In 1996, the present owners of Rock Line Products Inc. designed and patented a drop-deck trailer called the Triple L Trailer. "Triple L" standing for "Lower-Load-Lift". The company started as Premco Products Inc. which was setup to manufacture the trailer. Many thousands were produced and are still working hard for their owners to this day.

In 2002, the Triple L Trailer was sold to the JLG Company as a complimentary product for their scissor lifts and, at the same time, Premco changed its name to Rock Line Products.


Having been the original designers of the Triple L, drop-deck trailer, we became very aware of new markets and design changes that needed to be made. Many new industries were seeking us out and requesting new features. Based on the new markets and design requests, Rock Line Products developed the AIR-TOW Trailer line.

The electronic components of today’s equipment continue to get more complex and sensitive. As a result, the request for a smoother riding trailer became more and more frequent. We have answered these request by designing a unique air suspension not found on any other trailer. A few of the AIR-TOW basic design improvements are:

  • Full automatic, self contained, dual air suspension system
  • Five inch wider deck while maintaining the same overall width
  • Fifty percent thicker deck plate to prevent warpage from heavy loads
  • Lower ramp angle for easier hand dolly and pallet jack loading and ground level loading
  • All new axle design eliminating unnecessary tire wear
  • No tire exposure beyond the trailer frame (making it legal in ALL states)
  • Easy, accessible brake adjustment
  • Anti-theft, master lock switch
  • Improved automatic deck lock
  • Adjustable safety chain
  • High capacity, 8-lug – 16" wheels with 12 ply tires on all models
  • Increased number of “D” tie down rings to a total of 8
  • Plus many other accessories such as extended "E-track" rails


We have always been known for new product development that is highly engineered; quality built and serves a niche in the market place. New innovation and the entrepreneurial spirit is what we here at AIR-TOW pride ourselves on.

Airtow Trailers - The Many Uses For An Airtow Trailer

Airtow Trailers - The Many Uses For An Airtow Trailer

Ground Level Loading Trailers

Ground Level Loading Trailers

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