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Remy Inc

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Heavy Duty Starter

Product From Remy Inc

Remy's Delco Remy 44MTTM heavy duty starter is a premium starter creating 8.5 kW at 12 v. It features an Internal Magnetic Switch Solenoid (a one-wire design integrated inside the solenoid verses traditional starter designs) with an input current capable of ECM control and the ability to withstand engine temperatures up to 120°C/248°F. The new Clutch Over Planetary Gear Drive System design has a more robust clutch shell and ring gear, withstanding more torque to improve soft start engagements by slowly rotating the pinion until it is properly engaged to the ring gear before cranking. The new Integrated Over Crank Protection is a self-contained, one-wire design with no additional connections required, completely eliminating the need for a vehicle wiring harness. A built-in circuit breaker protects the starter from thermal damage and automatically resets at safe operating temperatures.

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