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Safety Link International

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Nut Retention

Product From Safety Link International

Safety Link International's Acorn Clip is the company's latest design in lug nut retention and torque monitoring systems. The improved clip is designed to encase the entire lug nut, providing protection from road sludge, de-icing chemicals and water, helping prevent corrosion to studs and lug nuts. The clips interlock in a complete circle around the wheel preventing the loss of lug nuts, the leading cause of wheel separation. This interlocking Safety Link System allows a lug nut to move only 6º, then prevents further movement. Should a lug nut move, the colored tab on the clip will become visible, indicating the need for inspection and re-torque. Unlike conventional caps, the Acorn Clip is not susceptible to falling off the lug nut, the company says. It comes standard in white, with other colors available, including a chrome finish.

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