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Brake Performance

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Performance Rotors

Product From Brake Performance

Performance Rotors from Brake Performance for less than plain rotors with free brake pads. Available for all auto, truck and SUVs from 1937 to 2009. Brake Performance Brake Rotors are available in 3-styles: -Slotted & Cross Drilled. -Slotted & Dimpled Drilled -Performance Slotted. Our Performance Rotors feature full sweep scraper slots that extend off the outer diameter of the Rotor which produces, superior stopping, deglazing of brake pads, dispersing dust away from wheels, and better braking in wet weather. All of our Performance Rotors are Zinc Plated in Black or Sliver for great looks and protection against rusting. Zinc plating remains in Slots and Holes even after break-in.

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