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  • 45 Brunswick Avenue, Suite # 225
  • Edison, NJ 08817
  • USA
  • Phone: 732-710-4966
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TiSH & TiMaS

Product From Pro SAAMYA

Pro SAAMYA announces release of state-of-the-art tire management solutions - TiSH (Tire Software-on-Handheld) in June and TiMaS (Tire Information Management System) in July. Both these software products integrate Bluetooth-enabled tire tread-depth/pressure probe with the middleware and provide total software solution to manage all the important data on tires and help reduce the tire inventory costs. The features offered include automatic data capture from probe via Bluetooth protocol, ability to handle multiple fleets, multiple locations, inspection based on axle configuration, mileage tracking, reporting, alerts, cost-per-mile calculations, available in multiple languages including Spanish and Portuguese apart from English.

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