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Megapulse US


Megapulse products are available in 6v, 12v 24v, 36v and 48v models

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Megapulse Battery Conditioner

Product From Megapulse US

R. Grant I & D, Waquoit, MA in partnership with Megapulse Pty, LTD. Brisbane, Australia introduces the Megapulse Mk4 line of battery conditioner products to the North American market. Megapulse Mk4 devices send a precisely controlled high frequency pulse through the battery. The pulse shape is designed to be most effective at breaking the electro-chemical bond of the lead sulfate crystals, cleaning the lead plates while returning the sulfur to the sulfuric acid electrolyte. Both lead and sulfur are returned to their proper function and the battery is returned to near new condition.

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