Magnatag Visible Systems

Magnatag Visible Systems

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  • 2031 O'Neill Road
  • Macedon, NY 14502
  • USA
  • Phone: (315) 986-3033
  • Toll Free: (800) 624-4154
  • Fax:
  • Website:

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Vehicle ' Equipment Maintenance Schedule(TM)

Product From Magnatag Visible Systems

Tracking vehicle and equipment usage and maintenance schedules is simple with Magnatag Visible System's® Vehicle & Equipment Maintenance Schedule(TM) dry-erase printed whiteboard kits.

The 3' by 4' Vehicle Maintenance Schedule whiteboard tracks up to 66 vehicles or pieces of equipment simultaneously. The left-side of the whiteboard features colored cardholders to display individual vehicle/equipment names. Magnetic strips with mileage or hour index scales can be positioned horizontally anywhere across the board. Colored arrows are then placed in each row to display current mileage or hours for that specific vehicle or equipment. To show when maintenance is required or inspections are due, magnets of different colors and shapes can be positioned at intervals across the board.

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