Miles Electric Vehicles

Company Details:
3100 Airport Avenue, Suite A
Santa Monica, CA 90405 USA

Phone: 310 390 4890

With its lineup of safe, affordable and comfortable electric vehicles,

> Miles Electric Vehicles is working to change the way the world drives

> and, in so doing, the very air we breathe. Miles Electric Vehicles are

> manufactured in China (an emerging leader in lithium ion battery

> technology) according to stringent international standards. The

> company's advanced low-speed vehicles (LSVs) lead the category in

> terms of safety, comfort and performance, attracting a prestigious

> fleet customer base that includes Stanford University, UCLA,

> California State Polytechnic University, NASA, the U.S. Navy, and the

> Sacramento Municipal Utility District.


> Building on its LSV production experience, Miles is poised to

> introduce the first safe, affordable, mass-produced highway-speed

> all-electric vehicle (HSV) to the U.S. market in 2008. Founded in 2005

> by activist/entrepreneur Miles Rubin, Miles Electric Vehicles is owned

> by S.

> Shamash & Sons and headquartered in Santa Monica, CA. To learn more

> about Miles Automotive Group's vision and vehicles, visit


ZX40ST Truck

ZX40ST Truck

From Miles Electric Vehicles