Henke Manufacturing Corp

Henke Manufacturing Corp

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Manufacturer of snow removal equipment
  • 3070 Wilson Ave
  • Leavenworth, KS 66048
  • Phone: 913-682-9000
  • Toll Free: (888) 682-9010
  • Fax: 913-682-0300
  • Website: www.henkemfg.com

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Parallel Lift Plow

Product From Henke Manufacturing Corp

Designed to remain parallel to the ground in transport or in angling positions, the Parallel Lift Plow from Henke can be completely removed from the truck hydraulically, leaving only a flat plate. The truck hitch and power reversing and lifting mechanisms remain with the plow. This lift has an inverted “J” shape 43” high moldboard with 10 vertical ribs. The moldboard is available in steel or polymer in 10’, 11’ and 12’ lengths.

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FVX-12 Folding Vee Plow

Product From Henke Manufacturing Corp
Henke Manufacturing's popular folding vee snowplow is now available for mid and heavy duty trucks. The Henke FVX-12 folding vee snowplow can do it all: adjust to scoop, discharge right or left, vee to bust snow drifts, and perform all normal plowing operations. The FVX-12's rugged design is 41 inches tall with a 147-in. long moldboard and compression trip safety trip device. Vee mode width is 125.5-in., angled it's 121 inches wide and scoop mode is 116 inches wide. Get Info Now