Winona Van Norman

Winona Van Norman

Winona Van Norman is North America's leading supplier of engine rebuilding equipment - cleaning machines, hones, boring and milling machines, surfacers, seat & guide machines to crankshaft grinders, and everything in between. With more than 40 categories of machines and tools, Winona Van Norman offers the widest range of machine shop equipment of any source. But wide selection is not the main reason to call us when you want to start, expand, or improve a shop. The main reason is that we stand behind each of our products with a system of total support. At Winona Van Norman, we do more than supply equipment...we help you make your shop succeed! We help you to get operating fast. Rapid, reliable service support. Whatever your location, parts and service are available fast. Trained personnel and our technical staff are at your disposal with a toll free call to us.

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Super Abrasive CBN Flywheel Grinding Wheel

Product From Winona Van Norman

Winona Van Norman recently introduced a new Super Abrasive CBN Flywheel Grinding Wheel. The wheels have a 1 '" arbor hole and fit all flywheel grinders. Testing shows the new super abrasive wheels last up to ten times longer than regular wheels and users enjoy a host of other benefits including very aggressive cutting, no dressing, no corner cutting, a cleaner machine and less down time.

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