Da-trol Group

Company Details:
285 St. Andrews Drive
Hamilton, On L8K 5K2 Canada


The Da-trol Group is a team of sales and implementation professionals that are focused exclusively on computerized maintenance management systems (CMMS). One of the most important benefits we offer our clients is that we provide a range of different solutions and this means we work to understand our clients needs and the benefits they see and then propose a solution based on those specific needs. As such we look for the best "fit" whether it is standalone, client server or web based and this means that our clients know that they are implementing the best solution based on their current and future needs. From project conception to sign-off; the Da-trol Group supports companies in defining their needs, evaluating and selecting products right through the process to a successful implementation. Our focus extends beyond the specific installed product to the business benefits you can obtain from these products. Remember; "it's all about people" and "it's all about fit"!