Axcess Inc.

Axcess Inc.

Company Details:
3208 Commander Dr.
Carrollton, TX 75006

Phone: 972-250-5975
Toll Free: 800-588-6080 ext 239
Fax: 972-407-9085

AXCESS Inc. (OTCBB:AXSI) provides network-based security and asset management systems for the enterprise. These systems provide application solutions that reduce loss, boost asset productivity, and add new revenue sources, providing a significant value proposition for the customer. Maximizing the utilization of critical assets such as computers, inventory, people, and vehicles, has a large impact on a business when they are automatically located, tracked, monitored, and protected. AXCESS accomplishes this using two integrated technologies to access key information: network-based RFID tagging and streaming video.

Fleet Tag System

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