T.F. Hudgins, Inc.

T.F. Hudgins, Inc.

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Spinner II Oil-Cleaning Centrifuge

Product From T.F. Hudgins, Inc.

To combat increased soot loads in lubricating oil, Spinner II Products, a division of T.F. Hudgins, Inc., has introduced new 900 Series oil-cleaning centrifuges. Redesigned with 37% greater efficiency and 50% more soot-holding capacity, the new centrifuges allow operators to maintain the longest possible lube oil service interval and safeguard their engines against wear. Low-emissions engines threaten to dump up to 10% soot into lubricating oil, resulting in decreased service intervals and accelerated wear on critical components. New Spinner II 900 Series centrifuges have the efficiency to remove soot and other fine particles down to one-tenth of a micron. They also have expanded capacity to store high volumes of debris over extended service intervals.

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