ECOM America Ltd.

ECOM America Ltd.

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  • 1628 Oakbrook Drive
  • Gainesville, GA 30507
  • United States
  • Phone: 770.532.3280
  • Toll Free: 877.326.6411
  • Fax: 770.532.8764
  • Website:

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Universal Gas Analysis System

Product From ECOM America Ltd.

ECOM America has introduced the Universal Gas Analysis System (UGAS), designed to measure vehicle emissions, store historical data for each vehicle and generate reports of the test results. The UGAS test procedure can be customized for each vehicle in the fleet, allowing the operator to pre-set target points for each measured parameter. Operators can easily see if there are significant changes in the vehicle's emission from the last test, and determine if the emission limit for each parameter has been exceeded.

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