All About Computers Inc.

All About Computers Inc.

FleetWise VB Maintenance Management Software is a full featured maintenance management system. FleetWise VB tracks information on vehicles and equipment. Complete PM Scheuling system by miles, hours, days, or other meter, or any combination. Track licenses and permits on vehicles. Track repair orders on vehicles for maintenance perfomed in your shop or at a vendors shop. Fully integrated inventory management system tracks repair parts. Fluid tracking system tracks fuel consumption by miles per gallon or gallons per hour. Can track oil, transmission, hydraulic and other fluids. Tire tracking module tracks each indivudual tire. Tracks retreads, flats and miles on each tire. Complete reporting system provides all of the tools to manage large and small fleets.
  • 1010 E. Adams St.
  • Ste. 4
  • Jacksonville, FL 32202
  • United States
  • Phone: 800-296-2609
  • Toll Free: 904-356-0680
  • Fax: 1-904-355-0270
  • Website:

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FleetWise VB Fleet Maintenance Software 6.2

Product From All About Computers Inc.

FleetWise VB Fleet Maintenance Software 6.2, from All About Computers, includes PM Scheduling, Repair Orders, Inventory Control, Tire Module and Fuel Tracking, stand alone and network systems, and more. The updated version of the software now includes includes a Safety Module. This module schedules safety inspections of facilities. A complete history of all completed inspections can be tracked.The information tracked includes vehicles involved, injuries and workers compensation information, and all pictures of the incident and PDF files associated with the incident. The software comes compatible with Windows XP through Windows 8.

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