PHH Vehicle Management Service

PHH Vehicle Management Service

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  • 307 International Circle
  • Hunt Valley, MD 21030
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  • Fax: 1-410-771-2530
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PHH OnboardSM

Product From PHH Vehicle Management Service

PHH Arval, a subsidiary of PHH Corporation [NYSE: PHH], today announced the general availability of PHH OnboardSM, the first service for vehicle fleets that integrates telematics data with comprehensive fleet information and consultation. The service reduces costs, increases driver safety and productivity, and enhances the performance of critical business assets. PHH Onboard gives fleet managers the opportunity to reduce fuel costs by 10%, idling time by 25%, and unauthorized use by 100%, and to eliminate driver behaviors that cause accidents and increase risk. PHH Arval clients have been beta-testing the service for several months and have found that PHH Onboard can eliminate speeding over company policy, capture accurate odometer readings, and reduce fuel expenses. PHH Arval developed PHH Onboard to help businesses and organizations more effectively manage their fleets. PHH Onboard combines the following elements in a service unavailable from any other provider:

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