Quick Cable Corp.

Quick Cable Corp.


Quick Cable is the leading manufacturer of connectors, cable, cable assemblies, and tools for the energy storage industry.  We are DC (Direct Current) specialists.  Our components, assemblies, and systems are used wherever high performance and reliability are critical, in power generation, renewable energy, transportation, construction, logistics, and aviation.  Our battery enclosures, racks and containment systems, together with related battery maintenance and safety products, assure the safe and optimal use of energy storage.

We engineer and manufacture in the United States and Canada and distribute globally.  Our valued workforce is committed to our customers’ success through innovative products, custom solutions and unrivaled service. 

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B-Crimping Tool

Product From Quick Cable Corp.

Automakers have moved from traditional battery clamps to band-style clamps (lead-free connectors) in recent years. Replacement connectors are available, but until now, no tool has been able to provide an OEM-style crimp.

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