Daytona Sensors

Daytona Sensors

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Daytona Sensors LLC is the sister company of Daytona Twin Tec LLC. Our mission is to develop leading edge electronic engine controls and instrumentation systems for a broad range of automotive and motorcycle applications.

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WEGO4D-SYS Dual Channel Wide Band AFR Tuning Aid

Product From Daytona Sensors

The WEGO4D-SYS Dual Channel Wide Band AFR Tuning Aid, from Daytona Sensors, is an air /fuel ratio metering system that accurately delivers air-fuel ratio readings for high-performance tuning applications, resulting in more efficient engine operation. The WEGO4D-SYS includes a built-in data logging that with the Dual Channel Wide-Band Exhaust Gas Oxygen Sensor Interface; two Bosch LSU4.2 five-wire, wide-band oxygen sensors; two 18 mm x 1.5 mm weld nuts for mounting the sensors on the exhaust pipe; and CD-rom software. Works for all carbureted and fuel injected engines.

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