Erickson Mfg. Ltd.

Erickson Mfg. Ltd.

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Ratchet Straps

Product From Erickson Mfg. Ltd.

In most cases the webbing is very long and becomes a problem , "What do I do with the left over webbing??" Tie it off, wrap it up, do what ever it takes to get rid of the webbing, what a mess! Well finally the NEW Patented Ratchet/Tamer from Erickson Manufacturing has a reel built into the handle to wrap the excess webbing up into a nice neat roll, simply wrap the webbing up and lock it into place. The ratchet still operates the same as we are use to with the tamer added to the handle. A lot of states and provinces have made it mandatory that this excess webbing cannot just be left to blow in the wind, it has to be tied off with Duct tape or cable ties.

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