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Tyco Electronics

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line of hydraulic tooling and U-dies

Product From Tyco Electronics

Wide-ranging termination Tyco Electronics Co. has introduced a new line of hydraulic tooling and U-dies for a range of electrical terminals and splices. The new line includes hydraulic pumps, controls and hose, heavy-duty crimp heads for shank dies, medium-duty crimp heads and hand tools for U-dies, and integrated crimp die tooling for SOLISTRAND terminals. For applications requiring additional portability, a portable battery-powered hydraulic unit, and a self-contained power unit are available. The new hydraulic crimping tools operate at 10,000 psi, and in combination with the interchangeable U-dies and heads, are suitable for crimping applications requiring up to 12 tons of crimp force. U-dies accommodate stroke options of 1-or 1.5 inches.

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