Berkley Varitronics Systems, Inc.

Berkley Varitronics Systems, Inc.

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  • 255 Liberty St.
  • Metuchen, NJ 08840
  • USA
  • Phone: 732-548-3737
  • Toll Free: 888-737-4BVS
  • Fax: 732-548-3404
  • Website:

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Spectrum training DVD

Product From Berkley Varitronics Systems, Inc.

Spectrum training on DVD Berkeley Varitronics Systems, Inc., the leader in 802.11 Wi-Fi ' RF propagation analysis test equipment, released a new training tutorial DVD for users of the BumbleBee™ handheld spectrum analyzer. This DVD is for both BumbleBee™ customers as well as RF enthusiasts. The dual layer DVD was created from a BVS RF product training session taped over 8 hours, and was trimmed down to 3 hours of concise RF engineering and surveying features, as well as tips for owners. DVD includes:

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