Superior Automotive Equipment

Superior Automotive Equipment

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  • 18153 150th Ave.
  • Leroy, MI 49655
  • USA
  • Phone: 231-829-9904
  • Toll Free: 877-583-5914
  • Fax: 231-829-9903
  • Website:

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Non-contact, touchless wheel alignment system

Product From Superior Automotive Equipment

Available through Superior Automotive Equipment will be Beissbarth's new Touchless wheel alignment system. To speed-up the process and help eliminate runout, as well as remove the possibility of potential wheel damage during mounting, this system has eliminated the use of wheel adapters. Instead, it uses 4 sensing elements placed around a fixed location. While exact positioning is unnecessary, they should be approximately 70 cm from each wheel, and somewhat parallel so the sensing elements can see one another under the car, where they form a measuring circuit. Two cameras mounted at a slight tilt towards one another on each sensing element, much like two large eyes, are the primary measuring force. Each camera is also surrounded by almost 1,000 infrared diodes that light up while taking the measurement. Measurement data is transformed into a digital picture of each wheel. At this point the PC begins its normal alignment calculations and displays the values on the PC monitor. Then you can enter customer information and the appropriate vehicle specifications, which are provided on a tablet PC. After completing a 10-degree caster swing and pressing "Print", you can access an adjustment printout.

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