Mechanic's Armor

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PO Box 43271
Cincinnati, OH 45243 USA

Phone: 513-981-7858

Mechanic's Armor™ protects anyone who works or plays rough, tough or dirty. From the hobbyist or scrapbooker to the mechanic or industrial worker, Mechanic's Armor™ works to protect the skin from staining or discoloration from inks, glues, grease, grime, and dirt, making cleanup easy and effortless.

Mechanic's Armor™ Barrier Gel has been in development for over 25 years. It started as an idea to help industrial workers who toiled in extremely filthy environments clean up easily after the long work day. It has evolved into a topical skin application that not only protects the skin and makes cleanup easy, but also heals scarred and damaged hands, forearms, legs, or any skin that is exposed to man-made or naturally occurring compounds that stain and damage the skin.

Skin Barrier Gel

Skin Barrier Gel

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