David A. Kolman

Fleet Maintenance editor David A. Kolman shares his insights on the fleet maintenance and trucking industry.

  • Mega trends that are shaping the global commercial vehicle industry

    By David A. Kolman - Monday April 14, 2014
      The global commercial vehicle industry is at an important crossroad with globalization, technology development, regulations and emerging markets set to change the face of the industry in the next decade. That’s the word from officials with...
  • Which fleets are continuing to operate older trucks?

    By David A. Kolman - Monday April 7, 2014
      One of the topics covered by NTEA's newly released 2014 Fleet Purchasing Outlook is average fleet age and truck buying activity. For those of who may not be familiar with NTEA , it is the Association for the Work Truck Industry. According...
  • What makes tire pressure maintenance so difficult?

    By David A. Kolman - Monday March 31, 2014
    When not properly inflated, tires flex more under load. This produces heat and stress, which increases rolling resistance, and that wastes fuel. Truck tires inflated 10 psi below recommended air pressure levels can reduce truck fuel economy between 0.5...
  • The most disabling workplace injuries

    By David A. Kolman - Monday March 24, 2014
    Each year, Liberty Mutual Insurance’s Research Institute for Safety issues its Workplace Safety Index which identifies the top causes of serious, non-fatal workplace injuries based on information from Liberty Mutual workers compensation insurance...
  • Pavement design and fuel economy

    By David A. Kolman - Monday March 17, 2014
    While vehicle and engine builders, along with government officials, are concerned with fuel economy and emissions, so, too, are those involved in infrastructure. Take researches at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), by way of example...
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